Accessible and Affordable Testing: At Jayne B, we know that early learning difference detection and intervention leads to better social, emotional, and academic outcomes for students. We specialize in academic and
intelligence testing and value the importance of making this process accessible and affordable for those who
need it.

Free Online Screener.

One out of every five students
is estimated to learn differently. Concerned about your child’s learning style? Use our free online screener to determine if signs of dyslexia are present – it only takes 10 minutes.

Reliable Evaluation.

Ready to evaluate your
student or child? Book a 4-hour evaluation with a Jayne B psychologist for $575. We
use a battery of researched testing methods developed by leading experts in the field.


Following your child’s evaluation, the psychologist will meet with you to discuss the next best steps for your child. We are here to support you in the learning journey.

Meet your child’s Psychologist

Psychologists on the Jayne B platform are thoughtfully chosen and are committed to our mission – affordable and accessible testing for all.