I am a Psychologist

Patients? Testing materials? Billing? Scheduling? Marketing? Jayne B will take care of it all.

The Jayne B community includes a national network of experienced professionals. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the way we diagnose and serve people with learning differences. Join us.

Advantages of Becoming a Jayne B Psychologist
Free Support and Flexible Hours.

Join the Jayne B platform at no cost to you or your practice. We will take care of all of the back office and administrative functions that inhibit your ability to see patients – from patient screening, intake, and scheduling to marketing, billing, and rent – Jayne B saves you money and gives you predictability.

Also, you can practice on your own terms. If you want Jayne B to be a part time job, your primary source of income, or a first foray into digital care, that decision is up to you.

Effective and Efficient Evaluations.

Our current battery of learning disability tests were developed and researched by leading experts. Leverage our diagnostic assessment report generation software and seamlessly administer tests on our digital platform. 

High Reach and High Impact.

The world is digital and now, so is your practice. Your skills and expertise will have a national reach with your personally curated profile, allowing families to easily select you. Meet new patients, network with other psychologists, and share your voice with this online community.

“The COVID pandemic has created enormous constraints on my existing practice – Jayne B’s platform is the solution for today and the future of learning disability testing.”