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Getting the proper evaluations,diagnoses, and recommendations should not cost thousands of dollars. A complete testing battery and report on the Jayne B platform costs $540

Straightforward Testing.

Jayne B was built by co-founders with dyslexia and world renowned psychologists.

Psychologists are people too.

Leveraging the Jayne B platform enables psychologists to do what they do best: see patients. Learn how to increase patient visits without advertising and reduce office expenses with Jayne B.

The Jayne B legacy

Jayne Gilbride Bauer was the mother of Jarrett and Stefan, the two dyslexic co-founders of the organization. Jarrett and Stefan struggled early on in school were told by their middle school teachers that they would be lucky to graduate high school. Jayne made it her mission to make sure Jarrett and Stefan received the proper learning disability testing and while she passed away before Stefan graduated from Yale, there is no doubt that she was smiling down from above. The organization seeks to continue Jayne’s efforts to help students realize their full potential by getting students and families the learning support they need.

“It is now possible to minimize the negative impact of dyslexia, but in order to do so such children must first be identified.”

—Sally Shaywitz, M.D, Codirector of the Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity